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Editing, sending and registering invoices is a time consuming and hence expensive necessity, both for the sender and the addressee. This inspired the European Union to workout a standard that makes this easier and more (cost) efficient for all professional parties.

As soon as the European legal framework is transposed into national legislation by the member states, it will be possible to use e-invoices seamlessly within the Union.

  • By implementing sending, registration and payment processes into the administrative and accounting process, you will receive your payment earlier if you are a supplier.
  • Costs for printing and sending will decrease.
  • Cost for paper document storage will disappear or decrease significantly.
  • The costs for developing customized software and for staff training will be reduced.

Make a swift move to e-invoicing at your company

Scope-IT provides the necessary support during the conversion to e-invoicing, tailor-made to the exact needs of your company, and in compliance with all legal requirements.

  • Digitization of the full invoicing process
  • Data validation
  • Support for various formats, such as EDIFACT, XML and PDF
  • Multichannel sending, for instance using your e-mail client or an integrated web portal
  • Document archiving

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