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Project management is a more recent vocation. Before building up any expertise in the field of company project management, I fulfilled a number of commercial functions for a long time, which as such were subject to change procedures. As a result, I know very well what impact change can have within a team, a department or even a company.

The success of a project depends largely on the usefulness that stakeholders are attributing to it. Usually it takes time before all people involved are convinced that the new step taken by their company is a step in the right direction, allowing them also to benefit through personal growth.

Thorough analyze

I enter as a coach or facilitator in order to achieve a certain goal within a given time period. To perform the project, I have to rely on a team that certainly benefits from a lot of expertise. My answer to their doubts and distrust is mainly based on a thorough analysis of the needs, a comprehension of the visions of all people involved in the project and open communication, to make sure everyone is heading the same direction. In the end, a change path which is largely supported and is given its form from the inside, has most chances to be quickly successful.

IT or non-IT

The ’IT’ in Scope-IT is not necessarily representing ‘information technology’. Through my education, I am competent to manage IT projects as well as non IT projects. However, over the last years I gained a lot of expertise in introducing SAP and e-invoicing solutions. My approach is not at all theoretic, but solution oriented. I commonly use the methodologies I became acquainted with during my formation as PMI certified project manager and Scrum Master.

This means that ’IT’ can also represent ‘the project’ of which I aim to get a clear scope from the very beginning, allowing me to monitor the time and the means needed to reach this scope.

PMI gecertifieerd projectmanager Koen Debaveye

Koen Debaveye

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