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Flexible responses to the needs of a (long term) project

There are no identical projects. No methodology can be unrolled without adapting it.
There is only one constant: the success ratio of a project increases with an accurate scope description.


As a project manager I coach the project from day 1 up to its completion, or I take over the project in the middle of a project cycle.


All projects and all project teams have their own dynamics. In order to guarantee flexible response to changing conditions, an Agile approach is often very efficient and motivating. An Agile approach provides a team with principles and methods that make it possible to react 'in an agile way' with respect to changing situations or in order to comply with the customer's new wishes.

Changes are no longer considered an obstacle or a factor that slows down the process, but are now even welcomed. They are considered to be inherent to an enhanced insight, contributing to the quality of a project.

In practical terms, this means that Agile structures a project and provides with a guidance in successive and clear short periods or 'timeboxes'. Each ‘timebox’ as such forms a small project.


Scrum is an Agile method that was initially developed for software developing. However, it is also a perfectly usable guide to be used in other development processes where intermediate goals should be reached.

A self-managing team of experts is the driving motor, working for 2 to 4 weeks towards an intermediate goal. As Scrum master I profile myself as the coach who makes sure that all conditions are fulfilled in order to obtain optimal team functioning. I give priority to intermediate project goals and make sure that the project can be validated within the deadlines.

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